A bigger than four experience is only a spark away. Nuwaru

A bigger than four experience is only a flame away. Nuwaru

David took down Goliath.
We plan on doing the same. Nuwaru

Tiny stars light the universe.
Nuwaru is doing the same. Nuwaru

Experience Nuwaru

Big 4 capability, boutique personality, unmatched experience, and an unwavering focus on quality.
Nuwaru has been purposely designed to provide clients with affordable access to the most experienced and capable tax professionals, whilst reinventing the delivery of tax services.


We have a unique blend of former Big 4 Partners and Tax Directors from large multinationals, giving us the technical horsepower coupled with real commercial experience and acumen to help better identify, manage, and resolve tax issues the way they should always have been done.

Experience us

Nuwaru, not Namaru

  • The full suite of tax services – We have brought together one of the most comprehensive teams of experts covering all facets and specialties of tax to bring a one-stop-shop experience for our clients

  • Experience – Each of our partners have decades of experience at Big 4 and large multinationals

  • Motivated - Our tax experts are unrestrained by traditional models and impediments enabling them to stay focused on our client’s needs and issues

  • Team – Whilst we place access to partners as paramount, to deliver on operational and value priorities, we have a broad range of team members from interns to tax managers and offshore teams, all trained in the “Nuwaru Way”


Nuwaru provides the full suite of tax services and specialists to cover all our client’s tax needs, but with an edge. Nuwaru’s edge is Tax Management.  We know that clients need more than opinions, they need everything from a sounding board through to implementation assistance.  Nuwaru delivers, end to end, where others can’t.

See what

We help clients manage their taxes

  • On-demand Head of Tax

  • Tax function out-source - in whole or part

  • Tax governance – design, implementation and operation

  • Tax processes – design and documentation

  • Tax risk identification and management

  • Transaction review and approval

  • Tax audits and dispute management

  • Board reporting


Nuwaru is not just your traditional adviser. We build real partnerships with our clients and become an integral part of their team. With our unique blend of experience, we bring an insider’s perspective, which coupled with the breadth of our services enables us to deliver seamlessly and comprehensively.

See why

Nuwaru delivers, end-to-end, where others can’t.

  • Teamwork – with our experience, we understand how to work with a business to both advise and assist in the end-to-end decision making and implementation process

  • Direct access - engage directly with our partners

  • Experience counts – many of our partners have been partners for several decades

  • Timeliness – we deliver when you need us to

  • Value – we only charge for experience and true assistance, with our rates devoid of all the unnecessary overheads. To the extent possible, we will bundle our services into modules to provide certainty on what you are getting and for what price.


The top-tier tax profession is bigger than 4. Nuwaru is reinventing the delivery of tax services, leading the next generation of tax professionals.

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Tax Management Services

On-demand Head of Tax

Through our on-demand Head of Tax service we provide you with access to the most experienced tax directors/heads of tax in Australia, providing senior leadership input and advice for your tax function.  Think of this as the equivalent of having your own internal senior Head of Tax who you can completely rely on and trust, but tailored to your business needs - on-demand, as you want it, when you want it, in person or remotely.  You get the best when and as you need it, but don’t pay for it when you don’t need it.

Tax Function Outsourcing

Our tax function outsourcing provides you with access to a best in class tax function comprising a team that suits the size and complexity of your business including access to tax function management (eg Heads of Tax), advisory and compliance teams and a full array of tax specialists.

Your outsourced tax function would be led by one of our highly experienced partners that was previously a senior Tax Director/Head of Tax, who would then manage the Nuwaru service team and end-to-end delivery of all required tax services.

This service can be tailored to your needs and is available for full and partial outsourcing, on-demand, as you want it, when you want it, in person or remotely.

Tax Compliance

Tax Governance

We ensure you have tax risk management and governance framework, and underlying tax processes and controls, that are effectively designed, fit for purpose, and to a standard expected by the ATO.

We also review the operational effectiveness of your tax governance and key tax processes to provide assurance to the Board, and ATO, that your tax governance and processes are operating effectively and as intended.

Tax Risk Reviews

We conduct top down tax reviews for our clients to identify risks and opportunities, and then develop and implement a next actions plan.

Our goal is to ensure our client's tax position is optimised, risks are identified and effectively managed, and our clients are always “ATO ready”.

ATO Audits and Dispute Management

Nuwaru has worked alongside clients throughout the ATO’s risk reviews and justified trust programs, which include the Top 100, Top 1,000, Next 500, and Top 5,000 programs.  We know what the ATO typically asks.

Our goal is to have all our clients continuously “ATO ready”.  To do this we offer our Tax Risk Review service, so we have already worked with you to have a response and documents ready for the ATO’s initial request for information (“RFI”), and to have addressed any risk items appropriately.

Where we do have the opportunity to work with you before the ATO calls, we can work with you to conduct a fast-tracked risk review in conjunction with working with you to put together the documents and responses to the ATO’s anticipated or actual RFI. This enables you to respond to the ATO within the tight time frames given, and proactively address any issues identified in the process.

In both scenarios, we help manage your dealings with and responses to the ATO in order to achieve the best outcome for you.

Should a review end in a dispute with the ATO, with our experience we will help manage the optimal resolution of the dispute for you.

Tax Advisory and Structuring

We can advise our clients on all income tax issues, no matter how big or small, straightforward or complex. Our point of difference is we ensure our advice is not only technically correct, but is useful, based on facts and limited assumptions, and provides a realistic and balanced risk assessment that is capable of internal consumption and implementation.

At Nuwaru we have Partners that are technical experts and we have Partners that have worked as Heads of Tax in large corporates who understand what our clients really need.  When you get tax advice from Nuwaru, you get the benefit of our experience and expertise from both perspectives.  Where else can you get that?


We help our clients solve complex GST problems and optimise transaction structures, whilst focusing on compliance efficiency and always being ready for an ATO review. It was once said, that GST is like sand, it gets into everything!

We also conduct full GST risk reviews and help our clients manage ATO GST reviews.

Transfer Pricing

We have extensive expertise in providing specialised transfer pricing services across a comprehensive range of multinational organisations and industries on a global basis.

Our versatile and broad portfolio of services address global strategic, operational and compliance-based economic / international and domestic pricing matters and risks.

State Taxes and Stamp Duty

At Nuwaru, we have the best and most experienced state tax experts in Australia, with expertise in stamp duties, land tax, and payroll tax across all Australian jurisdictions.

Stamp duty is often that forgotten tax that comes in late and kills a deal. We think about stamp duty at the beginning of a transaction we are involved in, not the end, meaning we structure transactions to optimise the outcome, not let it impede a transaction at the 11th hour.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Nuwaru can help guide you through M&A transactions. We have experienced professionals who can apply pragmatic M&A tax and transaction solutions in an increasingly complex and regulated taxation environment.

Nuwaru works with corporates, private equity funds, fund managers, individuals, and family offices. We collaborate closely with our colleagues and with external advisers in the M&A deals space to help you navigate an efficient, “no surprises”, value creative path that delivers the desired commercial and tax outcomes of your deal.

Research and Development

The R&D tax incentive can be of great assistance to companies carrying out eligible R&D activities.  The benefits range from the non-refundable R&D tax incentive that can give a tax saving of between 8.5% to 16.5% (depending on your R&D claim size) and also the more lucrative refundable R&D tax offset that is available to smaller companies that may give you a 43.5% tax refund.

Our R&D tax team can assist you with the identification of eligible R&D projects and the preparation of R&D tax incentive applications.  Our experienced team have both accounting and engineering experience and have assisted both small and large R&D tax claimants.

Trans-Tasman Tax Services

Australian and New Zealand have always been significant trading partners.  Australia is New Zealand’s second largest destination for overseas investment and Australia is the largest source of foreign direct investment in New Zealand.

Nuwaru can assist you with all your trans-Tasman transactions, whether a greenfield investment, an acquisition or disposal, capital and funding arrangements, or IPOs. We can help guide you through the increasingly complex and regulated taxation environments in both countries, and can also assist with your tax compliance obligations.

Nuwaru works with companies listed on the ASX and NZX, other corporates, private equity funds and fund managers. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop efficient, “no surprises”, value creative solutions to deliver the desired commercial outcomes over the life cycle of your trans-Tasman investments.

Employee Share Plans

We provide our clients with a complete end to end service, from plan design to full implementation of an ESS designed to suit your business and its objectives.

Funds Management

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are over $4 trillion of assets under management in Australia across the retail and wholesale fund spectrum.  With a burgeoning market of “traditional” commingled managed investment trusts that pool funds from investors, there has also been a proliferation of exchanged traded funds and micro-investing apps, all designed to provide more choice of investment product to the retail or wholesale investor.

As the market grows, so does the competition to provide better investment outcomes, higher quality service and lower fees.

The tax obligations for asset managers in Australia have over the years become increasingly complex, with more demands placed on the asset manager to make sure that they have tax reporting systems in place to provide accurate income and tax data to investors as well as to the ATO.   The introduction of the Attribution Managed Investment Trust regime in 2016 has served to increase the importance on ensuring accurate information is captured by asset managers to pass on to investors.

Our funds management tax team has decades of experience in the asset and wealth management space, working with some of the largest asset managers in the world.

Customs and Excise

Nuwaru provides a broad range of customs consulting services, supported by ‘best of breed’ experienced and professional senior customs advisors from within the industry and beyond.