On-demand Head of Tax

Through our on-demand Head of Tax service we provide you with access to the most experienced tax directors/heads of tax in Australia, providing senior leadership input and advice for your tax function.  Think of this as the equivalent of having your own internal senior Head of Tax who you can completely rely on and trust, but tailored to your business needs – on-demand, as you want it, when you want it, in person or remotely.  You get the best when and as you need it, but don’t pay for it when you don’t need it.

Tax function leadership and management

Tax governance and processes

Tax risk review

Process review and improvement

Ongoing tax risk management

Tax reporting to the board

Tax compliance

Leadership and training

ATO reviews and disputes


  • Why would you want an on-demand Head of Tax?

    If you want the top end tax capability managing your tax affairs, but cannot justify the cost of a permanent senior hire, or Big 4 charges, this is your perfect solution. With our on-demand Head of Tax you get that capability, but only to the extent you really need it, and you only pay for what you need.

  • How do our on-demand Head of Tax engagements generally work?

    Our on-demand Head of Tax service is ideal for clients who would benefit from having a senior experienced Tax Director manage, run and operate their tax function and attend to their tax obligations/responsibilities, where it is inefficient to employ such an experienced person on a full-time basis (or the need is only short term and/or variable).

    Our service is also ideal for those clients that have an in-house tax manager, primarily responsible for tax compliance, who needs some day-to-day guidance, coaching, and technical assistance from a highly experienced Tax Director/Head of Tax.

    We also support clients who may have tax teams but are struggling with other priorities. Nuwaru can be a safe pair of hands to support the existing team, for example with specific projects or transactions or to keep the BAU ticking over whilst they focus on the projects/transactions.

    We provide our on-demand Head of Tax service at various levels, tailored for the circumstances. For some arrangements we are available on-demand and charge on our usual hourly basis; for others we work on a retainer locking in a minimum committed amount of time per week by us (at a discounted rate).

  • What industries do we cover?

    We can usually cover all industries as the skill sets required for in-house tax management are generally transferable.

  • How can we assist with tax compliance when you already have a tax agent?

    Given our extensive in-house experience, we bring an additional skill set to bear when it comes to tax compliance. We can work with your in-house team to oversee the preparation of your tax returns in an efficient manner and ensure a high quality product is delivered to your tax agent for final review. We will ensure that the scope of the review by your tax agent is confined to those areas we identify as carrying risk, allowing you to minimise their fees and ensuring you get maximum value out of their engagement.

    In addition, there is scope for additional value-add, where we can:

    • Help you design and implement efficient tax function processes;
    • Help you with tax function design and set-up, including the tax compliance sub-function, to ensure the right allocation of resources and to maximise efficiency; and
    • Help you develop tax compliance processes in order to maximise automation of tax calculations, tax accounting, and compliance obligations.
  • Can we manage your tax reviews, audits, and disputes?

    We can help manage your interactions with the ATO, be it a routine review, complex audit, or dispute.

    Any engagement with the ATO requires careful project and relationship management. Requests for information need to be appropriately managed with the right, complete and correctly packaged information provided on a timely basis.

    With our experience leading tax functions for large corporates, we have significant experience and expertise in managing tax authorities and managing and resolving audits and disputes, in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.

  • Can we provide a full-time resource?

    We can generally accommodate a full-time resource for short term projects, although this would need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. We may be able to provide an effective full-time resource, utilising more than one of our partners, depending on the circumstances.

  • Do we work remotely or at your premises?

    We can work remotely, at your premises or at times a combination both, depending on your circumstances and needs.

  • Do we work alongside an existing adviser?

    Yes, as we fill the role of an in-house Tax Director/Head of Tax, our job is to manage the tax function and risks and work with your existing advisers as requested or as needed. Our role is to optimise the engagement of to ensure our client gets the best value out of us and their other advisers.

  • Who are our clients?

    We currently service a number of medium and large clients for a variety of tax services, including listed companies, multinationals and domestic businesses.

  • Do we service clients outside of Sydney?

    We are happy to service clients outside of Sydney. However, the cost of travel and accommodation would need to be met the client.

On Demand

Starting at

$550 / hour
  • Dedicated Tax Director
  • On demand availbility
  • Up to 15% discounts
  • Quality service in-person or virtually

Fixed Retainer

Starting at

$550 / hour
  • Dedicated Tax Director
  • Fixed days or hours
  • Up to 30% discounts
  • Quality service in-person or virtually

Tax function leadership and management

We lead and manage your tax function, much like we were your in-house tax director.

In managing your tax function, in addition to overall leadership we can carry out each of the below.

Tax governance and processes

A key focus area of the ATO in conducting its reviews and risk assessing taxpayers is the design and operational effectiveness of its tax governance framework and procedure around tax compliance and reporting. Poor tax governance and procedures means more ATO scrutiny.

We ensure your tax risk management and governance framework and tax processes are effectively designed, and operating effectively.

Tax risk review

We conduct a tax risk review aimed at:

  • Capturing all material tax issues
  • Assessing and quantifying the tax risk on each item
  • Developing a risk management or mitigation plan
  • Implementing that plan
  • Documenting and track the issues in a tax risk register

Process review and improvement

We review your tax processes and make recommendations on how to maximise efficiency and accuracy in tax reporting, analytics and compliance

In doing this we will:

  • Review of the tax return and tax accounting and other compliance processes
  • Review existing tax technology implementation and utilisation
  • Review of new tax technology and process improvement offerings
  • Assist in integration of technology and process improvement
  • Development of analytics and automated tax reporting and compliance

Ongoing tax risk management

We provide effective tax risk management, with ongoing risk identification, mitigation, and management; and ensuring the business is always “ATO ready”.

In doing this we will:

  • Review and advise on new and material transactions
  • Provide decision support
  • Implement risk mitigation strategies and planning opportunities

Tax reporting to the board

Reporting and engagement with Senior Management and the Board regarding:

  • The overall tax position of your business
  • Status of tax risks and mitigation strategies
  • Tax issues associated with new significant transactions
  • Update for relevant tax law changes and action required
  • Status of ATO queries, reviews, or disputes

Tax compliance

We facilitate accurate, efficient, on-time tax compliance.

We can:

  • Review quarterly/half year/annual tax accounting numbers, for accuracy and early identification and resolutions of issues
  • Review and sign-off as tax agent of the annual income tax, R&D and FBT returns (and BAS if needed)

Leadership and training

We provide tax training, and tax leadership and mentoring for your tax function and other relevant stakeholders

ATO reviews and disputes

We manage or oversee ATO reviews and engagement, including responding to ATO RFIs, engage in ATO discussions, manage the settlement and dispute processes.

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