Our Story

Our Name

The name Nuwaru is inspired by the combination of words New (Nu) and the Pintupi-Luritja word for fire (Waru). In the Aboriginal Kalkadoon country the word waru is also used to describe the milky way galaxy.

Our challenge

To rethink and improve how top tier tax services are purchased, provided and delivered for the benefit of the profession and our clients

Our history

Nuwaru is the symbol for change in the tax profession. See how from a small spark grows a new fire in the industry


Project umbrella

Our founding partners; James, David, Rod, Angela, Patrick and Peter joined forces after careers in Big 4 and large corporates to seed Nuwaru under the guise of Project Umbrella

Nuwaru, not Namaru

After a friendly disagreement over names that oddly enough were not spelt anything alike, we took the higher ground and changed our name from Namaru to Nuwaru.


Nuwaru starts its journey in NSW

Nuwaru’s adventures begin in NSW


Nuwaru expands into the education state

First partner in Victoria


Nuwaru expands abroad

Expanison to New Zealand with first partner


Nuwaru expands into the sunshine state

First partner in Queensland

Experience bigger

With over 30 specialists to cover everything tax, we continue to grow, evolve and expand always remaining true to our heritage and style.

The future of tax

We are taking on the Big 4 in the top tier tax space, to demonstrate to the market that through our approach we can provide affordable, accessible and experienced teams whilst maintaining a laser focus on quality packaged in our own unique style and personality.

Nuwaru is led by those pioneering the professional services gig economy. Our operating model is inspired by the changes in the gig economy, flexible and remote working (which we had started pre-covid!) and with a nod to the new law firms but with a new fire twist to make it fit for purpose for tax folk in the Australian and NZ market.

The start of a new fire

With our partners having left the big 4 and large corporates, we came together with a strong desire to create something bigger than 4.

We brought together the brains, trust, collective wisdom and decades of experience of our senior partners to create Nuwaru.

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