Our People
James Jobson Profile Picture
James Jobson
Founding Partner & CEO | Corporate Tax
David Early Profile Picture
David Early
Founding Partner & CFO | Corporate Tax
Rod Henderson Profile Picture
Rod Henderson
Founding Partner | Corporate and International Tax
Peter Chiswell Profile Picture
Peter Chiswell
Director | Corporate Tax
Angela Melick Profile Picture
Angela Melick
Founding Partner | State Taxes
Patrick Hunt Profile Picture
Patrick Hunt
Founding Partner | GST
Sam Lo Ricco Profile Picture
Sam Lo Ricco
Partner | Corporate and International Tax
Graem McClelland
Graem McClelland
Partner | Corporate Tax
David Beves Profile Picture
David Beves
Partner | Corporate Tax
Craig Richardson Profile Picture
Craig Richardson
Director | Clients & Markets
Matthew Missaghi
Partner | Tax
Ashley King
Specialist Consultant | Tax Disputes
Paula Edwards-Moffat
Partner | Legal
Todd Fielding
Specialist Consultant | R&D
David Cloete
Senior Manager | Tax
Russell Wilkinson
Specialist Consultant | Customs & International Trade
Upali Sarkar
HR Lead | HR
Jing Ren Profile Picture
Jing Ren
Tax Manager I Corporate Tax
Shashank Iyer
Tax Advisor | Corporate Tax
Tina Chen Profile Picture
Tina Chen
Tax Manager | Corporate Tax
William Xu Profile Picture
William Xu
Tax Manager | Corporate Tax
Alyssa Wan Profile Picture
Alyssa Wan
Tax Advisor | Corporate Tax
Ajay Agarwal Profile Picture
Ajay Agarwal
Tax Advisor | Corporate Tax
Evelyn Chen Profile Photo
Evelyn Cheng
Tax Advisor | Corporate Tax
Yanran Li
Tax Advisor | Corporate Tax
Varun Jajoo Profile Picture
Varun Jajoo
Tax Manager | Corporate Tax
Zhaoqi Song
Social Media Specialist | Marketing