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We help transform tax functions by taking a holistic approach to the change that comes from adopting new technology, which encompasses processes, data and teams that support the tax function. We have deep experience in helping guide organisations through the process of selecting new technology and seeing it right through to implementation. Our approach is intentionally agnostic to any single technology vendor and uniquely enables us to ensure that the solutions meet your needs, deliver the intended benefits and ultimately demonstrate a robust and operational tax risk management framework and underlying process, a vital element in meeting ATO expectations.

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Many organisations are under pressure to save costs which can make developing a business case for a new solution a difficult proposition. For those organisations, the initial step should be assessing how they can get the most out of their existing tax technology, or making use of existing solutions which the Tax Function might not have used previously. Examples of these include tax calculation engine solutions, ERP, robotic process automation (RPA) as well as data wrangling and analytics tools.

Nuwaru can work with you to understand your technology landscape both inside and outside of the tax function to extract value from the tools you have today to deliver faster close times and saving time to free your teams up to focus on what matters to you most.

With a constantly evolving landscape of new technologies, identifying, assessing, and then selecting the right tax software today that will meet your needs into the future can be a challenging process.

Having a clear picture of how the solution meets your needs and solves your biggest challenges is essential to building a business case for investment and accelerating the adoption of the change within your teams.

Nuwaru has an extensive knowledge of the tax technology software available in the market.  We have extensive practical experience in building, selecting, implementing, and operating tax software.  This end-to-end experience enables us to help you make the right tax technology decisions.

Whilst we have forged alliances with many of the key tax technology vendors, we are technology agnostic by design so that we can focus on the objective of ensuring our clients select the technology that best meets their needs.

One of the biggest challenges of dealing with large datasets in spreadsheets is that it is difficult to identify issues and where you can add value. Tax teams are one of the biggest consumers of data within an organisation, but even for the most advanced excel users this is a time-intensive exercise and is rarely 100% effective. Data analytics can help look for outliers and quickly spot problems in datasets without the need to trawl line-by-line through an excel spreadsheet.

Nuwaru can work with you to help design and implement data extraction tools and analytics for tax which are integrated into your tax processes and governance frameworks.  This enables you to both extract relevant tax data and identify sources of risk – allowing your teams to focus on the issues that matter most to the organisation.

We can work with the tools used in your organisation, such as PowerBI, Qlik & Tableau to align the solution with your technology environment.

Process mapping is an essential step at the outset of any project to understand how the people, data and technology combine to deliver outcomes. It is the foundational process by which problems are understood so that improvement opportunities can be identified.

Process maps can be produced quickly and are an essential document to support your tax governance frameworks. Approaching solution design by leveraging the current state of your processes, data and people ensures that the problems are clearly identified and any proposed solution actually meets your needs.

We work with you to facilitate sessions with your teams to formally document the current state of your processes and quickly leverage this into delivering solutions to your challenges.

Having a clear picture about where you want to get to with your tax technology, and most efficient route to get there is critical.  This is needed to enable you to communicate to your teams and stakeholders, as well as to demonstrate progress. Developing a tax technology roadmap is a process which starts with where you are today, understanding the art of the possible and planning to implement solutions which are realistic and that add value quickly.

Nuwaru are a technology agnostic firm with the experience and to help you create your tax technology roadmap, as well as delivering it. We do this by working alongside your teams to understand your current use of technology, key issues, business context and critical asks from key stakeholders.

Building a case for change can be a challenging exercise, and there are several critical questions that need to be answered, such as:

  • What savings is a project expected to deliver?
  • Have we included all potential savings and is this realistic?
  • Have risks appropriately been factored into the timelines and costs?
  • How long with the project take?
  • Who will need to be involved, and to what level of detail?
  • What will my return on investment be?
  • How do I demonstrate / evidence success to stakeholders?
  • How do I present the business case to my stakeholders in a cohesive and complete way?

Nuwaru has the experience to help tax functions work through the process of preparing and presenting business cases that are realistic and achievable and manage the key risks of project delivery.

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