Scale-Up Series featuring Nuwaru x Airwallex

Welcome to our Scale-Up video and webinar series hosted by Nuwaru and Airwallex. Check out the videos and webinar below where our tax experts talk about all things scale-ups, internal growth and global expansion!


Our first introductory video will take you through what to expect throughout the series, from key tax considerations when transitioning from start-up to scale-up, to retaining your best people and finally ensuring effective structuring for significant growth in Australia and offshore expansion.

Click below to watch. Enjoy!

Transitioning from Start-Up to Scale-Up | Presented by James Jobson

Welcome to our first presentation for the Scale-Up Series hosted by Nuwaru and Airwallex. In this video, Nuwaru CEO James Jobson will discuss the structural tax considerations and benefits when transitioning from a start-up to a scale-up.

You’re Only As Good As Your Team: Employee Share Schemes & Taxes | Presented by David Early

Our second presentation by Nuwaru’s co-founder and CFO David Early discusses all things employees: from choosing the right employee share scheme to identifying possible tax traps when implementing them.

Up next: Raising Capital and Structuring for Sale or IPO with Peter Chiswell

Welcome to our third video presented by Nuwaru co-founder Peter Chiswell. In this video, Peter discusses raising capital and structuring for sale or IPO. How to get the debt and equity mix right? What are the tax considerations of structuring for sale or IPO?

Live webinar featuring Nuwaru x Airwallex

And finally, our webinar! Click below to watch our Nuwaru and Airwallex experts discuss the important tax implications for internal growth, restructuring and global expansion!

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