Degree of

of your

and fees

Partner at
Traditional Firms
or Corporate
Tax Director

  • Stressful uncontrollable hours at work
  • Time consuming people management along with core work
  • Aggressive culture and politics
  • Partnership or employment obligations
  • Required to work on internal roles without compensation, along with core activities which is burdensome
  • Imposed targets (or budget constraints) and driven for results
  • Micro-managed
  • Managed compensation
  • Hugely demanding


  • Stressful hours to establish brand
  • Time consuming compliance and operations
  • Higher level of risk
  • Solitary with limited support
  • Uphill battle to source and develop client relationships, perform BD, deliver and market your services
  • No-one to collaborate with
  • Compensation may fluctuate until you build sufficient client base
  • Limited time for BD and marketing; self-funded
  • Heavy groundwork to generate revenue
  • Inability to win large client projects

Practicing within

  • Flexible working hours, less stress
  • Compliance work and operations taken care of by our staff
  • Freedom from partnership or employment obligations
  • Collegiate culture with peer collaboration
  • Aspire big; Content with small - It's your call! You have the opportunity to control the growth of your practice
  • You get to focus on what you enjoy
  • Infrastructure support to enable a lighter lift for you to focus on quality service delivery, developing client relationships and your Practice
  • No entry fee as we support you to ramp up your Practice with no limits
  • Our sales and marketing ecosystem, along with our referrals program, builds your client pipeline
  • Determine your own fees - Take home 80% of the client fee or 70% net of referral fee; we share the value with our partners